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WoW Hunter Guide – Selecting the Best PvP Hunter Build For World of Warcraft

While most World of Warcraft players who select the Hunter class are probably going to spec mostly from the Beast Mastery tree for its superior PvE talents, if you prefer PvP servers, then you’re going to want to consider a different type of build. So in this article I’ll offer some suggestions for what would make the best PvP hunter build for WoW.

If you’re into Player vs Player and are looking for good specs for the arena for your Hunter, then the Marksmanship tree is going to be the source of a lot of your capabilities. You’ll also want to spend some significant talent points in the Survival tree. Now for the Beast Mastery tree, you’ll still spend a few points here, but not nearly as much as you would if you were sticking to PvE servers and just looking for a fast leveling build.

For a PvP hunter build, you want to focus on increasing your burst damage so look to pick up the most damaging weapon you can find that will work effectively for both ranged and melee fighting. And in the Marksmanship talent tree you will spend your points on talents that will improve your ranged attack power in particular, but also your crit ratings and stamina. Agility is very important as well.

You’ll be spending most of your talent points in the Marksmanship tree, so it isn’t really necessary to cover that in depth here, but I think it is worth picking up Endurance Training (for increased health for you and your pet) in the Beast Mastery tree and increasing your stamina and chances of surviving attacks by adding some specs from the Survival tree.

Survivalist will increase your health by 6% and Deterrence increases your dodge & parry chances by 25%. Hawk Eye is also useful as it increases your ranged weapons range by 6 feet and the longer you can stay out of range of superior melee fighters the better. I also think that Entrapment is an extremely nifty talent for PvP and will make you quite valuable to a team. It increases the chances of your traps working by 8% and preventing opponents from moving for at least 4 seconds. Nice!

Once you’ve spent the points suggest in the Beast Mastery and Survival trees, you can spec the rest in Marksmanship. Efficiency will help reduce some of your mana costs and Go for the Throat will give your pet increased focus during your critical hits. For the rest of the tree, spec as you like.

For more tips on creating the perfect PvP hunter build you will want to take a look at the Hunter class guide []. Not only does it cover talent builds (for pve and pvp), it gets into a lot more detail about the builds, choosing weapons and armor as well as pets, and provides a step-by-step leveling guide to get you to level 70 as fast as possible. It even has gold farming tips designed just for the Hunter. So this is where I’d start.


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