Red Tulip Systems receives startup capital for workfone

The Hague, February 1, 2017 –  Tech startup Red Tulip Systems is receiving €300,000 from UNIIQ investment fund. The investment is for product optimization of WorkFone, a new virtual mobile communication service for clients such as government and law enforcement agencies. The decision to invest was announced by Richard Franken, Executive Director of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), where Red Tulip Systems is located.

Multiple separate telephone numbers on a single smartphone
Red Tulip Systems is a tech startup from The Hague and was founded in 2015 by Rob Sutter (previously employed by the US government) and Josh Petras (an experienced business director from the private sector). Based on his own personal experience, Sutter saw a gap in the market for WorkFone. The product delivers multiple identities with separate telephone numbers on a single mobile device to government and law enforcement agencies. The WorkFone solution means that professionals no longer need carry numerous phones. In August 2016, Red Tulip Systems became a Premium Partner of The Hague Security Delta (HSD). With help from InnovationQuarter, the company soon after relocated its headquarters to the HSD Campus.

Secure and easy communication with shielded contacts
Many professionals in government, security services, journalism, the financial and legal sectors and various other fields need to communicate with their contacts in a safe and secure manner. WorkFone makes this possible via a convenient virtual mobile service with only one physical handset to manage. 

Virtual identities
With WorkFone, a large number of virtual identities can be assigned to one smartphone through a cloud-based platform. Using a secure connection between the cloud and the user’s physical handheld device, all these identities can be accessed from a single phone. Users can therefore maintain contact with each of their associates using their own smartphone. 

Between June and September 2015, Sutter and Petras participated in the Startupbootcamp Mobile program in Copenhagen. During the event, the two partners established contact with a large police force, who have since played an important advisory role in the design of WorkFone. Several pilots involving WorkFone are currently underway on 3 different continents.

Red Tulip Systems will use the UNIIQ investment to bring production levels of stability to their WorkFone product. “Our customers use WorkFone for mission-critical communications,” says CEO Rob Sutter. “They need to know that every single communication will be delivered in time to enable them to deny or disrupt criminal acts.”

“With WorkFone, we can now add our second investment in the safety and security sector to our portfolio,” says UNIIQ Fund Manager Liduina Hammer. “WorkFone enables security bodies, as well as other sectors where secure communication is of vital importance, to communicate safely using multiple identities on a single smartphone. WorkFone fulfills an important unmet need within this sector,” concludes Hammer.

QAs a warm welcome Ingrid van Engelshoven, Deputy Mayor of The Hague, handed a special plaque to Rob Sutter and Josh Petras Red Tulip Systems.

Photography:  © Daniel Verkijk

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About Red Tulip Systems                                        
Red Tulip Systems, founded in 2015, is a virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) provider, specialized in secure communications and identity management solutions for corporations and governmental institutions. Red Tulip Systems’ WorkFone product brings mobile communications, apps and data inside your existing security perimeter and leaves no data at rest on the physical handheld device.  

About The Hague Security Delta
The Hague Security Delta (HSD) is the leading security cluster in Europe. In this Dutch cluster –with important regional hubs in The Hague, Twente, and Brabant– businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions work together on innovation and knowledge in the field of safety and security. They share a common goal: more business activity, more jobs and a secure world. The core is the HSD Campus, the national innovation center for security in The Hague.

About InnovationQuarter
InnovationQuarter is the regional development agency for West Holland. InnovationQuarter finances innovative and fast-growing companies, assists international companies in establishing their businesses in West Holland, and facilitates (international) collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government. In this way, and in cooperation with the business community, InnovationQuarter supports the development of West Holland to become one of the most innovative regions in Europe. The InnovationQuarter investment fund - which currently consists of € 80 million committed capital - offers venture capital to young technology companies and SMEs with growth plans in the region to bring new innovations to market. Through the fund, InnovationQuarter can raise the regional economy to a higher level.

UNIIQ is € 22 million investment fund focused on the proof-of-concept phase. UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs in the province of South Holland bring their unique innovation to market faster. UNIIQ offers entrepreneurs the seed money to realize their plans, and bridges the riskiest phase from concept to promising business.

A consortium, including Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University and the regional development agency InnovationQuarter, created the fund. UNIIQ is made possible by the European Union, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden.

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