Amsterdam, 10 August 2016 – Red Tulip Systems is pleased to welcome former Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis as a formal advisor. Commissioner Davis brings extensive leadership and technical experience to the WorkFone® product team.

Commissioner Davis commanded the Boston Police Department from December 2006 through October 2013, helping reduce the violent crime rate in Boston by 35 percent. In addition, Commissioner Davis led the swift and effective response to the Boston Marathon bombing in April of 2013.

“Commissioner Davis epitomizes the leadership that secure, open societies demand today. He’s respected by those he leads as well as by those he protects and serves. He shares our deep understanding of technology, while realizing that technology is most effective when it is enabling better human contact and understanding,” said Rob Sutter, CEO and Co-founder of Red Tulip Systems.

Commissioner Davis now heads his own security and consulting business, Edward Davis, LLC, in Boston, MA. As a former law enforcement officer and specialist technical security consultant, his insights into future applications of technology for policing and community relations are sought worldwide.

“Today, security forces worldwide face unprecedented threats. The secure management of information and sources can make the difference between life and death in the communities we are sworn to protect.

“Red Tulip Systems combines years of top level intelligence experience with the latest technology to safely manage the collection of human intelligence. Red Tulip Systems makes this complex task less complicated while better protecting the assets that enable us to protect our citizens. I'm proud to be a part of this great team,“ stated Commissioner Davis.

Commissioner Davis has worked on policing issues in Singapore, London, Northern Ireland, Jordan, and Israel and has been recognized for his efforts locally and nationally including through the Police Executive Research Forum, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

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