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Playground Rubber Flooring, Safety and Maintenance. EPDM Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds

Rubber flooring in playgrounds is an effective surface to reduce the risk of serious injury if a child should fall from a height whilst at play. Playing outdoors is a natural pastime for most children and therefore it is vital that the environment they spend so much time in is ultimately safe. This means inspecting the playground equipment thoroughly for sharp edges and loose fittings and also fitting the playground with a safety surface to cushion the landing if a child falls. Play equipment should be clearly marked for which age group it is recommend for and separated from those for older children to avoid accidents. Adult supervision alongside safe rubber flooring will ensure your child is safe at all times.

Wet pour is a synthetic rubber and one of the most effective playground safety surfaces in schools, public playgrounds and 안전놀이터 sports areas. The rubber granulate is bound with polyurethane resin to produce a seamless surface. Due to its impact absorbent and anti-slip properties, it is a child friendly surface that can be played on in most weather conditions whilst still providing maximum protection. The great thing about wet pour is that it comes in a variety of colours and can be laid directly onto existing tarmac as well as grass, although the latter will require some initial groundwork. Overall wet pour rubber flooring is designed to offer ultimate safety performance, strength and cost effectiveness to the playground in question.

To keep your safety surface in perfect condition it does require a small amount of maintenance. You should sweep it regularly and remove surface debris to keep it clean and avoid potential hazards. Occasionally hosing down the area will also allow you to get the most out of the surface and keep it looking as good as new. If there are colourful patterns on the surface, keeping it well maintained is even more important. A damaged safety surface could lead to falls and it is therefore extremely important to repair the area as soon as you notice it. This can be done with a repair kit or most companies carry out this service for you. Keeping the playground clean, safe and litter free means that children can enjoy the playground again and again. Playground rubber flooring also gives parents peace of mind that their child is protected.

Rubber flooring for playground safety surfacing purposes is durable and requires only a small amount of maintenance compared to other types of flooring. Wet pour rubber is the most common form of safety surfacing used in playgrounds and it is important to keep it well maintained. This can easily be done with regular cleaning to ensure it is in the best possible condition for children to play on. Sweeping the surface and brushing off flowers, leaves and other debris will keep the safety surface in superb condition. Cleaning the surface with a weak solution of washing-up-liquid using a pressure washer or jet wash can also help keep it draining and maintain the slip-resistance.

Using EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber is the most common form of safety surfacing for playgrounds and outdoor areas. It is used mainly because of its durability and effectiveness in reducing the risk of injury to a child at play. It offers a cushioned landing should a child fall from a height and also is kinder to the human body when jumping and running. It is also used because it is porous, slip resistant and easy to maintain. EPDM rubber surfacing is installed in two layers; a shock pad and a wearing course. The first consists of large chunks of rubber known as SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) and is the section that provides impact absorbency. It is also available in different thicknesses. The second involves smaller granule EPDM which gives the surface its strength. These two layers are then bound together using a polyurethane resin binder which hardens to form the final playground safety surface.

Companies that supply EPDM rubber flooring know that safety is of paramount importance in a playground, yet it also is a place where children can learn and have fun. Wet pour rubber is usually in black however it can be ordered in a variety of colours for a higher price. Wet pour sites in black will be recycled EPDM and colours will be virgin EPDM, hence the difference in price. Incorporating colours into a playground surface means that you can add graphics, shapes and patterns, creating a bright and attractive play space. The majority of companies offering safety surfacing also supply playground equipment, from swings and slides to monkey bars and springers. The thickness of wet pour rubber flooring is determined by the free height of fall of this playground equipment.

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