Thinking of purchasing a patio furniture set for your home? Here are a few essential questions to consider when deciding which patio furniture set is right for you.

How big is your patio?

Nothing is worse than buying a patio dining set that is too big for your Outdoor Wicker Furniture area. Grab some measuring tape and take measurements. Even better: create a bird’s eye view diagram of your patio to get a feel of where you can put your furniture and how it’ll fit. For example, if your patio is only 10 feet long and it doesn’t get that much sun, you won’t need a nine-foot patio umbrella. A smaller one would be more ideal for a patio of that size. Knowing the size of your deck and table is tremendously important when shopping for deck furniture online.

How are you going to use your patio?

Planning on just lounging on your patio with yourself and a few others? Or will you be throwing gatherings or parties in your backyard? How you’ll use your space affects the size and type of patio furniture you should buy. No matter what, lounges are a must. Hammocks and a hanging chairs are perfect for relaxing. Or go totally luxe and splurge on an outdoor daybed. At a minimum, consider cushioned outdoor chairs for maximum comfort for you and your guests.

How much sun does your patio get?

Is your patio shaded at all? If it isn’t and it’s located in an area where the sun sees it for most of the day, consider purchasing a few  or a large one. A sail shade is a great option for patios that get a lot of sunshine. Freestanding or tilt patio umbrellas work well if only certain areas get sunshine.

What’s the weather like in your area?

If it rains often in your area, outdoor furniture composed of metal or fiberglass is generally the best choice. Wood and wicker have a great look, but work best in warmer, dryer climates. But if you’re willing to put a lot of maintenance into your patio and love the look of wood, cover your outdoor furniture set or bring it in during bad weather to get the maximum life out of it. Metal furniture will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, as will any cushions that are part of your patio furniture set.

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