Want to know why your ex girlfriend won’t talk to you? I’ll tell you: girls don’t like it when guys are sitting around waiting for them to call. Girls like guys who take charge. They want men who don’t seem to care about them. They want guys who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it. But guess what? It’s a fine line. If you still love your girlfriend and want to get her to call you instead of you having to call her and talk to her machine call girls in islamabad one more time, here are some tips for you!

1. Stop calling her. Remember what I said? Girls don’t like guys who are sitting around waiting for them to call. Sorry, but it does make you look pathetic. Of course she wants you to want her back. But she doesn’t want you to sit around waiting for her. If you have been calling her multiple times per week ever since the break up, you have to stop. It would be even better if you just stop contacting her all together. No phone calls, no texts, no emails, no Facebook chats, no “accidentally” showing up places you know she is — no contact whatsoever.

2. Go out and do something. Get yourself out of the house and away from thinking about why your ex girlfriend won’t talk to you. Go have some fun with your friends so that it takes your mind off of things. That way you also won’t be tempted to call her. Plus when she calls you, you’ll be busy and won’t answer right away. So while you’re out with your friends — don’t answer your phone! And if you run into her somewhere, this time really on accident, you’ll be out having fun and she will notice that you aren’t sitting around waiting for her.

Why do these things work to help you get your girlfriend to call you? It’s really reverse psychology. Plus it throws the balance of power back into your favor. If you are out doing things, you won’t be wallowing in thoughts of your ex girlfriend and getting her back. Plus it shows her that you aren’t just going to wait for her to call you. That you have a life outside of her and your break up. It will drive her crazy if you were calling her all of the time and all of a sudden you aren’t anymore. She’ll want to know WHY. And then what will happen? She’ll call you out of the blue just to “talk” but really she’ll want to know if you suddenly found someone else! And that’s what you want, right?


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