Even if you have the best fundraiser idea or not, you still need a team of volunteers to help you manage and operate your fundraiser and its events. Keep in mind that you have to limit the number of volunteers working for you since not all people are capable of doing the tasks and responsibilities of your fundraising events no matter how eager they are to help you. In this article, I will show to you how to build the best volunteer team for your fundraising campaign.

Having the best volunteer team provides the manpower necessary for your fundraising campaign and its events that will make your fundraiser idea a success. Since you can’t manage and organize your fundraising campaign alone, recruiting people or fundraising volunteers is the best but time-consuming investment for your fundraiser. The first thing to do in building your own volunteer team is to create a list of people that you think are willing unique silent auction ideas to give their effort and time to your cause as a volunteer. Through this, you can get started in recruiting your team of volunteers since you already have a list of potential volunteers for your team.

After you have made the list of potential volunteers, the next thing to do is to invite all of them for an orientation. During the orientation, you have to explain to them the purpose of your fundraising campaign and what is still needed to achieve fundraising success. Explain to them in full detail, on how they can help in your fundraiser and who will benefit to your fundraiser. This part of recruitment is very important since it gives them the decision whether or not they’ll join your fundraiser as a volunteer or not. Make sure that your fundraiser, especially its goals and objectives, are very appealing but not too much so you can easily convince and encourage them to join your fundraiser without much expectations.

During recruitment of your volunteers, it is recommended that you study each of their own capabilities as a person. Through this, you will have an idea on their capabilities once they join your fundraiser as a volunteer and making sure that you have the best possible volunteers working for you and your fundraiser. Despite the large number of people who are wiling to help you and your fundraiser, you have to make sure that they are also capable in handling the tasks and responsibilities in your fundraiser and its events. This is recommended so you can easily teach and train them all of the basic aspects of your fundraiser.

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