First of all its a great strategy and I take advantage of to work with a member of the marketing team for the Got Milk? chimerical. I started this article out talking about milk because the marketing was genius, it ask a simple question and the wonderful can readily identify with the athletes with a milk mustache and it earned a lot of buzz.

I am uncertain if you have been watching what is this great lately but First Lady Michelle Obama has been advocating for children to get into motion, 일본야구중계 exercise, eat directly to embrace a healthy lifestyle. I am on board and I truly believe exercise is one of the primary keys to overall fitness.

My knowledge and experience with exercise extends back as far as high school. I had to be able to play on the high school football team, however dad vetoed my decision with an ultimatum. The conversation went like this, “Dad I want to play football at school, I can still work in our family store after practice, besides this is my last opportunity to play because I am graduating next year. inch Dad responded by saying, if you play you still cannot stay in my house. inch

With that conversation my entire life changed, I moved out of my parents house and went to live with my grandmother, my parents mother and I played football. Some may look at this a drastic move but it served three purposes. One my grandmother was old and needed anyone to stick with her, two I played football and three it gave me the opportunity to buckle down on my homework because I no longer had to manage my schedule around my eight littermates while working after school in my parents grocery store.

Playing football helped me learn how to discipline myself. The overall benefits of exercising taught me a lot about my physical body and how to get maximum results from each movement. For example, I practiced my second and lower body through weight training and ran a lot of wind sprints as well as distance workouts.

I started playing football around my jr year of high school which by all standards is late to the game, but I quickly learned the game by working two times as hard as my teammates. I played on the jr school team my first year and learned the basic principles of the game of football.

Summer months prior to my senior year of high school, I practiced every day, removed weights everyday and ran everyday. By the end of summer I was counter pressing 300 pounds, squatting 500 pounds and was the second fastest member on the football team and was a started around my senior year. Exercise does a body good.

Our football team had a successful year and we made the playoffs. Exercise continued to play a key role in the development of my body because I joined up with the track team and lo and observe I learned different forms of exercise that propelled me as a key member of the team.

I ran the half kilometer, one fourth kilometer and anchored the kilometer inform team. Exercising during competitive sports changed my well being. It positioned me to be considered for football and track scholarship and I decided track and field was my sport of choice because it became my passion.

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