The foundation bolts are made by casting from wrought iron rods or mild steel and are used to fasten the machines to the foundations. The size of the bolt to be used depends upon the bulk of the machinery and the immensity of the power of the machinery while it is in use. The f bolt manufacturers make them strong enough as these provide the resistance and the required support to the structure. It also helps in providing a foundation that is strong enough for the entire structure.

For setting the foundation bolts in correct places, positions are marked. After this, the they are suspended into the holes. Concrete is then filled into the space around the bolts and once the concrete sets, the bolts get secured firmly into the ground. There are several types of bolts made by the foundation bolt manufacturers that are used for various purposes. Let us have a look at them.

Bent foundation bolt

These are cast in bent form and then set in the concrete. At times, the machines require to be positioned on stone beds, and this is where the bent bolts are required to be set in lead. For a very stable and firm foundation, the bolts are first set in lead and then set in cement concrete thereby making it very strong.

Eye Foundation Bolt

The eye bolt is the simplest foundation bolt. At one end, it is cast into an eye, and then a criss-cross piece is fastened to it. It is set into the cement concrete and helps in making sure that the machinery stays in place.

Lewis Foundation Bolt lag bolts for wood

This Lewis is a removable bolt where its body from one side is narrow in width. A pit is made of the concrete with the help of a foundation block to use this bolt. It is placed in such a way that the tapered end is supported against the narrow face of the pit made of the cement concrete after it has set. A key is inserted into this which bears opposing the straight surface of the bolt and the pit. This key can be used later to withdraw the bolt out of the surface. However, this arrangement makes the bolt very secure in the cement concrete.

Rag Foundation Bolt

The rag has a narrow body with a rectangular or a square section that is criss-cross. The narrow edges are hollow. These are first set in lead and then in cement concrete making the foundation very firm and secure.

Cotter Foundation Bolt

The cotter bolt is used to secure machinery that is very heavy. To secure a cotter fastener, make rectangular groove at the bottom end. At first, the foundation bed is made so that the bolts can be put in correct positions. It helps in providing holes so as to insert the cotter.

These are a few Cotter Fastener made by the manufacturers that can be used along with standard washers and nuts. These Fasteners are made with superior quality raw materials and methods of production which is very advanced.



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