• November 13, 2022

Caring for a Confinement Lady – Can Family Members Handle the Job?

As a confinement lady, you are going to need help. You may be a strong woman who has her affairs together and her life on track, but once you give birth and bring that new baby home you will need some help. Every confinement lady will need more sleep than a newborn baby allows and your chances of feeling depressed will be drastically reduced if you aren’t caring for the baby on your own a lot of the time.

The question for many women is whether family members can adequately care for a confinement lady, or if they need to hire a confinement nanny. Having a family member available to help with the baby is obviously more affordable, but if the quality of care suffers a confinement lady will still be better off hiring a nanny.

You have to consider all of the following things when making this decision:

1. How many family members are willing to help you as confinement lady?
2. Are all family members who may be helping out suitable for caring for a small baby and a confinement lady?
3. How much time can the family member(s) devote to caring for the confinement lady?
4. Are the family members willing to do everything expected by the woman in confinement?

It is important to figure out first who is willing to help while you are in confinement. You can consider family members as well as close friends, but make sure they are all people who you can trust with the care of your baby and your own health. The person you choose will be in 收陰機 your home a lot of time and you won’t be with them all the time. You have to rest and take care of yourself, so make sure your confinement caretaker is someone you trust completely.

Also, you have to make sure that the person you choose is able to care for your baby as you want them cared for. You have to be very clear what you expect from your caretaker as a confinement lady and make sure the person you choose is willing and able to live up to those expectations. If you can’t devote the amount of time you need as a confinement lady or can’t do all of the tasks required in your home, then you are better of hiring a confinement nanny right from the start.

You also have to seriously consider whether the person you choose is safe for your baby. Do they know infant CPR? Do they know what to look for to ensure the baby is growing properly and gaining weight? Do they know how to perform all duties required for basic infant care?

If you have even the slightest doubt that your family and friends can handle proper care for your baby, then you have to be responsible and hire a professional confinement nanny. You want your baby to receive the best care possible and you as a confinement lady deserve the best care as well!

In most cases, a confinement lady is better off to hire a professional nanny. It may work out if you have an older woman who has already raised her children who is willing to serve as your nanny. Otherwise, ensure proper care by going with a nanny.


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