At Red Tulip Systems, we help governments to keep their secrets and corporations to protect their data. We’re operating on the cutting edge of today’s technologies - which means we need smart talent like you to help us deliver. Sound Interesting? We are recruiting for the following vacancies:

Red Tulip Systems believes that a diverse environment is a competitive advantage. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to a corporate culture that is welcoming to all.

Red Tulip Systems only employs direct hires. Unsolicited offers for talent recruiting, outsourcing, or contract development services will not receive replies.

Software Developer

Software Developer

Red Tulip Systems is looking for Software Developers to assist in building the world’s largest Virtual Mobile Device (VMD) network.


Red Tulip Systems provides secure communication and identity management solutions for government and corporate clients.

We are looking for Software Developers to join our team in The Hague, Netherlands. As a developer, you will have the opportunity to grow and excel in solving difficult and diverse problems. You will be working on promoting privacy and security, alongside a team of passionate developers and engineers.

Problem Domains

As a VMD provider, we have a long roadmap of interesting and exciting problems to solve. As a future member of the team you should see yourself growing in, actively contributing, leading and/or owning any number (greater than 0) of the following areas:

  • Virtualization, system drivers, graphics toolkits, system tools
  • IP based telephony
  • Audio and video streams
  • Operations automation (Infrastructure health monitoring, scalability, high availability)
  • Mobile phone application development
  • User management and server-side services
  • Browser based user interfaces
  • Network security, communications security, cryptography, systems security
  • Development tools


As part of the team you will be expected to:

  • Proactively care about the quality of your contribution
  • Adopt management directives
  • Be excited about planning and design conversations
  • Promote and support your improvement ideas
  • Pick up, execute and complete tasks – do not generate load but reduce it
  • Assist with the development of components
  • Work closely with your team mates
  • Raise issues early
  • Participate in company-wide and team meetings
  • Be enabling and inspiring
  • Juggle a nice balance between all responsibilities

Development Team

At Red Tulip Systems, we care about software quality, best practices, and perhaps a bit of bleeding edge inspired insanity.

As a member of the development team you will be exposed to several technologies, methodologies and paradigms, probably shifting among those occasionally. You should feel comfortable and excited about constantly learning and growing into a multi-disciplined engineer, staying on top of multiple domains at once.

You should also expect to discuss, share and listen to ideas, settle on middle ground but also stand up when you feel it matters.

You need to be a strong team player and enjoy collective development activities, such as code reviewing, pair programming, design and progress meetings. You should enjoy sharing your problems and enjoy reaching solutions collectively.

Skills & Experience

We adopt many technologies to complete our goals. We are not afraid to apply strategic pressure on key points, develop shortcut tools and use our team’s brilliance. We aim to achieve a higher level of software quality, strict semantics, improved productivity, and to deliver a robust and reliable system. As such, our focus is not in specific experience or specific technologies, but on people’s ability to adopt, learn, adjust and excel in every opportunity that arises.


An ideal candidate should:

  • Have at least 3 years of development experience in any combination of challenging industrial, university, open source, or competition projects.
  • Have a good understanding of Computer Science principles, layers, abstractions, modelling, engineering, and history. You are expected to have at least one favorite subject, which you desire to delve deeper into.
  • Have experience, a liking or an interest in development best practices, engineering methods, patterns/anti-patterns, researching and composing solutions.
  • Be an advanced user of a programming language, its paradigms, patterns, toolkits and ecosystem.
  • Be a moderate user of at least one additional programming language, its paradigms, patterns, toolkits and ecosystem.
  • Be inspired by functional and asynchronous programming paradigms.
  • Have used at least 2 different build systems.
  • Have used, researched or developed a dependency management solution.
  • Be fluent in English (verbal and written)
  • Be self-motivated and passionate about their work
  • Be a team player with social capabilities

The following technologies are used extensively and any candidate is expected to have a good level of familiarity or strong interest in all of them:

  • Git versioning system
  • Docker (good understanding of basics)
  • UNIX/Linux

Compensation is determined according to experience but will range from €35-50.000,00 per year, including 8% holiday pay, in addition to equity.

Sound like the right challenge for you? Send your motivation letter along with your CV to You are encouraged to include links to publicly-available examples of your prior work, but also know that we’re just as interested in hearing about where you’re going as where you’ve been.