Airsoft can primarily be viewed as a military-type sports simulation exercise, which gives participants the opportunity to create mock-type combat situations using military tactics and real-life replica military weapons. Airsoft weapons are actually scaled 17 wsm ammo to be the exact same size as their authentic counterparts. The system for best describing how airsoft weapons fire their ammunition is propulsion provided by manually compressed springs, compressed gas or electric motors. The most common means being manual compression. The pellets fired are solid plastic of either 6mm or 8mm circumference. The best pellet weight to ensure enhanced range and greater accuracy are either 0.20 or 0.25 grams.

Airsoft is extremely popular in far east Asia, where the sport has it’s origins in Japan in the 1950’s. The primary reason for this strong interest in the sport is down to the extremely inflexible firearms laws that make it almost impossible for gun enthusiasts to own their own genuine weapons. Hence the reason why all the best Airsoft weapons, best Airsoft ammo and best Airsoft accessories are mass produced in the likes of Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The popularity of Airsoft in the West has reached epidemic levels, with countries like the US, Canada, UK, and most of the other Scandinavian and Western European countries reporting massive surges of interest in this extreme sport. Daisy, legend for their ‘BB’ guns, actually started production of its first Airsoft weapons in 2003. It’s brand name was ‘Powerstrike’, and this followed massive production of Airsoft across the US with other competing brands being marketed. EBay, noticing the surge of interest in all things Airsoft, has created auction categories dedicated to the likes of Airsoft weapons, Airsoft ammunition and Airsoft accessories, stocking thousands of items. Great bargains can be obtained here by the patient amongst you wishing to get into the sport!

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